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Kalamzoo Garden Photos

Hearthstone - Outdoor                                                             A glowing fireplace creates a cozy retreat among the whispering pines in this relaxing garden. The spacious deck and comfortable tub provide for the perfect getaway.
Hearthstone - Outdoor...
Desert - Outdoor                                                                        A tranquil and serene sanctuary inspired by an old Southwest Pueblo courtyard awaits you in this large open air garden.
Desert - Outdoor ...
Polynesian - Outdoor                                                                  Bali Hai calls to you in this garden of Tikis, bamboo, palm thatching and the faraway greenery of the South Pacific.
Polynesian - Outdoor ...
Mayan - Outdoor                                                        Towering trees, a fireplace, spectacular murals and pyramidal architecture remind us of the culture that once dominated Central American.
Mayan - Outdoor ...
Gazebo - Covered Outdoor                                                   A roof overhead creates a tranquil and calm environment, ideal for those who like the adventurous outdoor experience yet want protection from the sun, rain or snow.
Gazebo - Covered Outd...
Pine Woods - Outdoor                                                            This intimate garden features a working tub side fireplace. Finished in natural pine, this warm and inviting environment holds all the charm of a northern, rustic cabin.
Pine Woods - Outdoor ...
Vancouver - Outdoor                                                                     Enter the grandeur of the great northland. A soaring totem pole acts as a mighty centerpiece to this garden, landscaped with lush white pines and ornamental yews.
Vancouver - Outdoor ...
Rainforest - Outdoor                                                               A wall of natural rock with cascading vines, verdant and refreshing shrubs will soothe you as you relax in this tropical locale. Waterfall will not function in winter
Rainforest - Outdoor ...
Japanese - Outdoor                                                                     Find serenity as you relax in this simple, natural garden. An arched walk bridge transports you to the ultimate retreat for body and soul.
Japanese - Outdoor ...
English Country - Outdoor                                             Trellised arbors surrounded by topiary, ivy and classic sculpture combines with a glowing fireplace to create a touch of baroque splendor under the majestic canopy of a mighty oak.
English Country - Out...
Isle Royale - Outdoor                                               Michigan's most northern shore is captured in an island garden setting of sparkling waters, glowing fireplace, north-country mural and open sky gently seasoned with pine and juniper.
Isle Royale - Outdoor...
Egyptian - Outdoor                                                                              Evoking memories of an earlier age, a 12 foot obelisk towers above Egyptian statuary, ornamental grasses and a sacred tomb entrance.
Egyptian - Outdoor ...
Indoor Atrium
Indoor Atrium
Indoor Atrium
Indoor Atrium
Winter Getaway Video
Winter Getaway Video
Our Guests
Our Guests


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