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Ann Arbor Garden Photos

Oahu - Outdoor         Whispering waters flow down a volcanic waterfall that completes this Pacific island setting
Oahu - Outdoor ...
Santorini - Covered Outdoor                                                 The architecture of Classical Greece is celebrated with traditional columns and statuary. The Olympic torch burns brightly in the modern fireplace.
Santorini - Covered O...
Vancouver - Outdoor                                                        Enter the solitude of a northern pine forest. The only sound is that of wind and babbling waters.
Vancouver - Outdoor ...
Isle Royale - Outdoor                                                    Michigan's most northern shore is now captured in an island garden setting of sparkling waters and open sky gently seasoned with pine and juniper.
Isle Royale - Outdoor...
Japan - Outdoor                                                                      A serene Oriental pagoda arches above the curved wooden walkbridge in this simple, natural setting of Bonsai pine, pebbles and water.
Japan - Outdoor ...
Fiji - Outdoor                                                                          A carved wooden totem and greenery add to the Pacific texture of this island setting. Experience the feeling of native seclusion.
Fiji - Outdoor ...
Cozumel - Outdoor                                                                Desert plants and pottery evoke feeling of one of the gentlest sun isles.
Cozumel - Outdoor ...
Singapore - Outdoor                                                       Under the striking arch of an oriental temple you'll feel at one with the water, sky and air. Serene, manicured gardens surround you.
Singapore - Outdoor ...
Casablanca - Outdoor                                                   Escape to a foreign shore by opening a door. Mosaics and true oasis waters may make you feel like playing it again.
Casablanca - Outdoor ...
Manitou - Outdoor                                                           Cedar shingled walls surround this cozy garden, which features a stone hearth. Let the glow of the fire warm your spirit. This garden is the perfect romantic retreat for two.
Manitou - Outdoor ...
Kodiak - Outdoor                                                               Sparkling waters and open sky offer a nature lover's paradise. Native colors and a towering spruce honor Alaska's largest island.
Kodiak - Outdoor ...
British Isle - Outdoor                                                               This delightful island setting creates the relaxing atmosphere only a fireplace can offer. Classic sculpture and whispering pines create a touch of baroque splendor.
British Isle - Outdoo...
Aleutian - Covered Outdoor                                                    A blending of the indoors and outdoors.  This covered north woods cabin setting features authentic log walls and a slate hearth that surrounds a warming fire.
Aleutian - Covered Ou...
Borneo Rainforest - Outdoor                                                 A twelve foot natural stone wall towers above as you relax in this tropical setting. Welcome to the jungle! (Waterfall does not function during the winter season)
Borneo Rainforest - O...
Arbor Atrium - Indoor
Arbor Atrium - Indoor...
Madagascar - Indoor
Madagascar - Indoor
Winter Getaway Video
Winter Getaway Video
Our Guests
Our Guests


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