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At the Oasis, we believe a strong, positive team is the real key to success. Each person we select for employment is chosen to support and enhance the qualities, skills and attributes of our existing team. We strive to maintain a warm and respectful environment for all. We encourage staff to feel free to enjoy themselves in the workplace.

Positive attitudes and enthusiasm create not only a more enjoyable workshift but also warmer, friendlier, more enthusiastic service to our guests. We commit ourselves to the following goals:

  • Maintain constant focus on customer service from the heart.
  • Each of us will do his or her fair share and offer to do more in a pinch.
  • We will treat each other and our guests with respect and courtesy.
  • We will resolve issues with each other as they arise. We will be open, honest and eager to find resolution to our challenges.
  • We will value the diversity of our team-the culture, background and personality of each individual.
We are always accepting applications. If you are interested in being a part of our great team, our application for employment is available below.

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submit it via mail or deliver it in person.
Fill out the application for the location
in which you would like to work.
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